Quite some time ago now, I finished my first ever jQuery plugin that could potentially be used by other people. It was this little jQuery debugger plugin and now I am happy to announce that I’ve created a mini site for it and I will soon release it to the official database of jQuery plugins.

For almost a year, my jquery debugging plugin has been on my computer, and I’ve been using it to display variable values with jquery for quite some time now. Although I thought it is useful, I was hoping to improve the code a bit before releasing it. I haven’t had a chance to improve the code just yet, but I released it anyways, with the hope that it will help someone out there in the world. Here’s a bit of info about it:

Basically, all this plugin does is display the value or a variable using jQuery. It is a method which accepts a variable as its first parameter, and then it does its best to display that variables value, as well as loop through all the properties of a variable, and display those values as well. It isn’t perfect, but I do find it helpful. I would keep trying to explain how this can help you debug javascript with jQuery, but I think its better just to view some examples. So, head on over to my jquery debugging plugin demo and test it out for yourself.

Until next time, Happy Coding! Oh yeah, and leave comments if you have any!